Inspiring Connections through travel

Journey Back to Yourself

At Opal&Finch, we craft custom travel experiences that spark new ways of seeing. 

From restful resort stays to invigorating adventures—and every style of travel in between—our itineraries are designed to connect you to your passions, to vibrant cultures, and yourself.
Our goal? To refill your "creative cup" through the power of travel, so you come home refreshed and inspired. So, go ahead, block your calendar, set your out of office message, and put your phone on mute. Let us take care of everything else. 

Your effortless journey awaits.

Travel Planning 

Inspired by your passions and deeply immersive in nature, an Opal&Finch escape cannot be replicated.   

It's travel you must embark on to believe. 

for Inspired Moments

A private viewing of your favorite painting in the hushed corridor of a world-renowned museum—the museum opening early just for you.

An instruction in rolling perfectly chewy gnocchi, given by a born-and-raised Tuscan chef in his country kitchen.

A session in the dry heat of a true Finnish sauna—followed by the chill of the plunge as an incredible sense of wholeness washes over you while you gaze across the Baltic Sea.


Connect with Opal & Finch and have your next journey be effortless

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