I fell in love with travel 35 years ago and haven't stopped since.   

Meet Martha Day

Founder of Opal & Finch

Hi. I’m Martha! and I’m so glad you’re here!

"Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life."

                          ~ Michael Palin

Let's change the world through travel together. 

For me travel is part of living a full life, your best life, or the life you love. It is with great delight that I craft custom travel experiences to inspire, replenish, and renew. 

I believe, no matter our background, it is our connection, with places, peoples, and ourselves, that makes us better human beings. I believe the world becomes a better place when we travel and connect with each other. 

I love everything about travel; the planning, the packing, hearing my suitcase wheels on the airport floor, flying, squishing into a cab or onto the subway. Every time I grab my suitcase, I know I will experience something special because each trip holds its own extraordinary moments and memories.

I'd love to design a trip for you that brings your dreams to life. 



I am a huge nerd and have degrees in Medieval and European history as well as theater/dance.

Part of my over-nerdiness is a love of books. At one point in my life I had over 1500 books. I've since pared down to around 500. 


I"m a mover and a shaker

I love running and have run 23 5k’s, 11 10k’s, 6 half-marathons, 1 20k, and 1 full marathon.  Just started training for my next set of races in 2022. 

I held the 100 hurdle record at my high school for 23 years. Every once in awhile I still hop over a hurdle or two at the local track just to prove I can still get it done.


I worked as a cook on a working cattle ranch in Montana 

I've always jumped into adventure and when the opportunity came to use my cooking skills on a working guest cattle ranch in Montana I jumped at the chance.  

For 3 years I got to be a part time cowgirl and full time cook for the cowboys and all of the guests. Talk about bliss! 


In 1993 I spent 4½ months travelling through Europe on my own with just a backpack.

Oh, the stories I could tell … I will tell you Prague is beautiful but cold in December, the massage at the Turkish bath in Budapest was worth the extra money, and the Sagrada Familia is truly a marvel.


I’m a writer at heart. I get asked a lot if I'm ever going to write a book about my life. 

Maybe someday, but for now I'll happily just keep writing my weekly newsletter about travel .


Subscribe and let me know what you think. I welcome your thoughts.  


Allow me to help you put down the phone and close the calendar.  It's time to get away and be present with those around you — wherever in the world you’re yearning to go.

Let's talk about your trip!
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Our vision and mission is to change the world through travel.

We believe that travel is essential to living a full life. We understand that travel gives us the opportunity to see life from a different perspective and experience it through the eyes of other members of our greater family. 

In our growing understanding of the connection between ourselves, our global family, and the planet we can make better decision for the future.  Without the world and it's beauty what have we to travel for. 

By promoting conservation and preservation of the earth's flora and fauna, we support the communities dependent on tourism who are suffering from global events be it pandemics, famines, wars, or natural disasters. 
Opal&Finch is a proud member of the Virtuoso Sustainability Community along with our sister brand Case by Case Travel. We choose to support suppliers actively engaged in finding ongoing sustainable global solutions.

Please contact us for further information on our sustainability position. 

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