I fell in love with travel 35 years ago when I was fortunate to travel for three weeks through Europe as a teen. That trip started me on a lifetimes’ exploration of the great diversity of this world, both culturally and ecologically. Every time I grab my suitcase, I look forward to experiencing something special because I know each trip will hold its own moments and memories.  

I believe, no matter our background, it is our connection, with places, peoples, and ourselves, that is vital to understanding and becoming better human beings. Nurturing these growing connections is one of the core reasons I am in travel.  

Meet Martha Day

Founder of Opal & Finch

Hi. I’m Martha, founder of Opal & Finch and I’m so glad you’re here!

I am so lucky I got to start traveling at a young age and I’ve simply never stopped. 

The ongoing wonder of experiencing peoples and places newly familiar is something of which I never tire.

For me travel is part of living a full life and it is my privilege to craft custom travel experiences that inspire you, replenish your energy, and connect you to the world.

If you let your heart guide your journey you will be in awe of what you find.

I firmly believe travel is essential for our well-being and living a fully balanced life.

Allow me to help you put down the phone, turn off the calendar notifications, and simply be present and alert to all the beauty around you—wherever in the world you’re yearning to go.

It’s is my pleasure and delight to create dynamic trips that connect my clients deeply with themselves and our shared world.


I have degrees in Medieval and European history as well as theater/dance.

My love of history and the arts helps me design itineraries infused with the essence of the locale and culture. 


I stay active.

I have run 23 5k’s, 11 10k’s, 6 ½-marathons, 1 20k, and 1 full marathon 

I rode my bicycle across Iowa for RAGBRAI – 538 miles in 6 days for some fun with friends (about 15,000 rode that year)  

I have also dabbled in competitive ballroom dance 


As a former professional cook, I love working with foodies!

My culinary career highlights include working as a sous chef at a high-end resort in Alaska and as the head “cookie” at a working cattle ranch in Montana.


In 1993 I spent 4½ months travelling through Europe on my own.

Oh, the stories I could tell … I will tell you Prague is beautiful but cold in December, the massage at the Turkish bath in Budapest was worth the extra money, and the Sagrada Familia is truly a marvel.


I’m a writer at heart and writing my weekly newsletter lets me share my thoughts about travel and our world.

Subscribe and let me know what you think. I welcome your thoughts.  



Choosing to travel is how we can bring change to the world together.

Travel supports the rebuilding of communities suffering from global events be it pandemics, famines, wars, or natural disasters. Understanding the connection between ourselves, our global family and the planet provides us the knowledge of how we can better support local cultures, economies, and the environment. This in turn helps us make wiser choices about the future. Travel provides us the opportunity to see life from a different perspective and experience it through the eyes of another member of our greater family.     

Opal&Finch is a proud member of the Virtuoso Sustainability Community, supporting suppliers actively engaged in finding ongoing sustainable global solutions. A percentage of Opal&Finch profits goes towards supporting organizations working on global projects towards the bettering of our world.

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