A is for Ancestors –

A is for Ancestors –

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Do you know who your ancestors are and what lives they lived?

What’s your story?

Tracing Family history and knowing who our ancestors are can seem such a woven mess it’s hard to know how to even begin to untangle it all. Of my family, I know the basic stories about two of my four grandparents: Grandpa Reese’s family is from Trondheim, Norway, Grammy Day’s is from County Donegal, Ireland. Beyond that are cloudy bits of information with difficult to nail down specifics and it’s difficult to know where to head next for new information.

Have you considered that your story is part of the collective anthology of us, your global family. You are the lead character in your story so what does your chapter bring to the storyline? Wouldn’t it be fun to know? What a wonderful story to learn together as a family. Pick a week, or two, and take time as a family to discover your heritage and roots. What a great way to build memories and share rare experiences.

Photo by  Tomas Robertson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tomas Robertson on Unsplash

Irish Heritage?

Take an Adams & Butler GENEALOGY & ANCESTRY Tour to discover long lost relatives.

(adapted from Adams&Butler.com)

  • Offering a team of in-house genealogists who can do this for you.

  • Historian Turtle Bunbury and Professional Genealogist, Nicola Morris, can work with you to find your ancestors and when you find your home – and it can just be a ruined cottage – and will happily take you there.  These driver guides will leave no stone unturned to take you to the place that your ancestors came from, even if it means driving down overgrown tracks and negotiating fields of sheep! Turtle and Nicola are terrific at uncovering nuggets of fascinating information and unearthing details about your ancestors that you may never have known before

Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th century Irish men, women and children left the country in a search for a better life. The descendants of those emigrants, from all over the world, seeking to reconnect with the origins of their Irish ancestors, make Irish genealogy a very popular pursuit. 

If you are interested in Irish genealogy don’t be put off by misleading statements about the destruction of records, instead, prepare for a fascinating journey that may be frustrating at times, but is ultimately rewarding, certainly informative and often contains stories of tragedy and triumph. 

Tracing your ancestry can be challenging and if you find you need help on your journey, Adams & Butler can assist. We can put together a specialised Trace Your Ancestor itinerary using our expert genealogists. In essence, this means that we will do all the groundwork and help you find your ancestral home in Ireland. This could be a ruined cottage in a field or a castle on a grand estate! The beauty is in the discovery and the revelation. 

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Not Irish? Contact Opal&Finch and we can find out who is doing this for your heritage. Your story is meant to be known, it’s important to the rest of the global family.

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