Finding some friluftsliv at an Oslo hotel

Finding some friluftsliv at an Oslo hotel

Images of the interior of the Amerikalinen hotel in Oslo. a restaurant, a bar, and a bedroom.

In Oslo, Norway there is a hotel that has the unmistakable feeling of home. The interior is plush and textured but has that nice Norwegian balance of both indoors with nature, so up against the stone is lots of wood and plants. As typical in Europe there are tall windows filling the spaces with natural light keeping things bright while the designers have created sitting areas that maintain the cozy sense of a small gathering room.

Housed in a building painted Scandinavian red directly across the square from the Oslo Sentralstasjon the Amerikalinjen Hotel is a grand building that has been a part of this same view since 1919.

a collection of images of the museum inside the Amerkalinjen Hotel

Originally the property opened as the headquarters for Der Norske Amerikalinjen (now Norwegian Cruise Line), s a company who helped 10,000’s of Norwegians sail to America in the early 1900’s. A hundred years on and this large building has been transformed into a lush vibrant hotel in the heart of Oslo. To honor its past a museum has been added on the second floor. If your relatives came to the United States by ship in the 1900’s, odds are high they wandered these very halls. The museum is a small single room museum and certainly worth the quick visit.

After stepping off the train, the quickest way into town from the airport, I walked across the cobblestone square towards a big wooden door. Once through I knew I was in a place of subtle luxury where its in all of the details they prove themselves a very special hotel. The Amerikalinjen is a hotel that offers a wonderful balance between practical luxury with elegant service while maintaining a strong sense of place through incorporation of history and locale throughout the design.   

A photo of the Munch museum exterior

The location of this hotel is fantastic. Just a close jaunt from the stunning Opera House, the Munch Museum with its famous Scream, and the thriving city center where visitors can head out for a quick sauna in the bay.

All of this making the Amerikalinjen a great place to use as a base for exploring during an Oslo stay. Don’t make the mistake of leaving this lovely capitol city too quickly to get to the fjords and mountains.

Take a peak at Visit Norway for a long list of things to do while in town.

There is a warmth to the welcome akin to a roaring hearth fire on a cold winters’ night, it warms and soothes all at once. Guests who stroll through the large plated glass door find a perfect blending of historic with the modern now that embraces them as if an old family friend.

 bedroom at the hotel showing a view from the windows back towards the bathroom .
  • The rooms of this hotel are bright and cheery, with delightful window seats
  • Sinking into the comfortable bed under its cozy duvet is a luscious thing after a day of travel
  • The service is excellent and goes above to ensure guest comfort with a warm welcome
  • Their multiple eating venues are filled with scrumptious foods. Breakfast is a must enjoy!
    • if one does need to head out early to catch the train, the kitchen will put together a beautiful to go box to take with.
  • The Bar has a lovely fireplace to keep one warm while sipping on Aquavit.
  • The jazz club, The Gustav, does not disappoint for ambience and music


If seeking a bit of goodness in life during your travels, you can certainly find a bit of the real life meaning of the words hygge, lagom, and the Norske friluftsliv.  These Scandic words are not just about pursuing a good life but rather about choosing to live a good life. A life that’s cozy, content, and filled with what’s important. A life connected to one another and the natural world.

The Amerikalinjen in Oslo is a good place, a place that seeks to embody these ideals in its service and throughout its 122 rooms and suites. I look forward to returning for another great stay.

Martha Day Headshot, owner of Opal and Finch Travel Company

Article by Martha Day
📸 images by Martha Day, the Amerikalinjen Hotel, and Canva

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