A Private Villa Vacation? Yes – do it!!

A Private Villa Vacation? Yes – do it!!

Have you wondered about staying in a private villa but can’t decide if it is really that much better than a resort? Well, a private villa is sort of the little black dress of travel…

Honestly, the normal week-long ski trip at a hotel or staying at an all-inclusive on the beach, just doesn’t quite feel comfortable or appropriate yet. But, we all need to get away on a break somewhere that’s not here; someplace quiet and serene, where there is some peace. A little R&R would be good … Why not try a private villa?

I highly recommend contacting your travel advisor and look into booking a private villa or private residence. These are not AirBNB or VRBO properties. Villas you book with a travel advisor are not available from normal home-stay platforms. These suppliers have a limited number of properties, and every villa and its owners, is vetted before becoming part of the portfolio. You will find that these properties come with staff and concierge services, they can arrange celebrations including coordinating a local band. When you book this kind of property you are never without what you need.

For those who still wonder about cost, I understand where you are coming from, and being a bit of a doubter about private villa versus hotel/resort I went into the research with the suppliers.  Here’s what I found…

[My basic math on this is for 4 couples choosing a private villa with 4 bedrooms/bathrooms and a private pool for a 7 night stay.]


  • 3-4 star on average $400/nt per couple = $2800/wk. $11200 for all 4 couples
  • 5 star on average $750/nt per couple = $5250/wk $21000 for all 4 couples


Average of $200/day per couple = $1400/wk $5600 for all 4 couples including limited alcohol

(breakfast – $22/pp, lunch $25/pp, Dinner $40/pp – with limited drinks)

Safety and Social Distancing 

  • Hotel room is only personal space
  • Shared lobby/ check-in/out
  • Shared pool area 
  • Common elevators
  • Other guests 
  • Shared hotel staff 
  • Spa services – may or may not be open/limited 

Private Villa/Residence

The same money spent would be a private villa costing between $1660 – $3000/nt Most likely you’d end up with 2500 sq ft with gardens and a pool/private beach and staff. Or you could get a smaller private villa and spend the money on other things.

Private cook/chef:

If using the same money as hotel stay, you’d have $800/day for food but paying local market prices not restaurant prices for both food and wine AND the chef would craft the menu with you in mind.   

Safety and Social Distancing 

  • Entire home and gardens
  • Only staff allowed
  • Private pool
  • Entire home is yours
  • Just you and known friends/family
  • Private staff only
  • Spa services can be safely brought onsite

What did I learn? I learned that private villas are a very reasonable option when you want to travel to a distant destination and stay clear of hotels or cruise ships.

  • Private Residence and Villas do seem pricey, but the majority are reasonable when you break down the cost. Many are between $800-$3900/night depending on location but come with a full staff – chef, butler, housekeeping, maintenance, laundress – or these can be easily arranged.
  • Shorter lengths of stays are available – 5-day stays are often options but why not stay for a week – you deserve it.
  • A little noted benefit of securing a private villa is, when you plan a private villa vacation you get to determine what your guests need to do to be safe whether that’s wearing masks or getting pre-arrival COVID tests. You are in control of the environment in a much stronger way than with hotels.
  • What about that sister’s trip you’ve been wanting to plan?
  • Your wedding or celebration of your wedding?
  • The bachelor or bachelorette party that needs to happen?
  • Your parents’ 50th anniversary?

Private residences are such a wonderful choice for those needing to get away while increasing safety and decreasing risk during these times.   Of course, don’t just think about vacation, a private villa could be a great remote office or remote school. 2020 has taught us that sometimes a change of scenery is a necessity. Consider everything you need n the beauty of a home you’ve not stared at the walls of for the past 9 months.  

Villa properties are located across the nation and around the world.  

If you are interested in private villa vacations, connect with Opal&Finch. We can match you to a villa that ticks all your boxes.

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