Travel Advisor? Why use one?

Travel Advisor? Why use one?

Using a Travel Advisor is like hiring a personal shopper, or financial planners, only better. We help protect travels most valuable resources: time and finance. In our consult call, we listen closely to what you want for your trip. We’ll ask clarifying questions and then once agreed we start to research. We do all the searches. Talk with colleagues and suppliers. Confirm any extra amenities available. Then, we provide you with the perfect match.

While you dream about your time away, your Travel Advisor is busy sorting the details. Let us make certain your trip goes smoothly and filled with moments and experiences you will remember.

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Let’s get traveling

Work together with a travel advisor and create something amazing!

No need to hunt through 100s of travel websites reading reviews trying to figure out which hotel in town has the most fabulous view. A travel advisor can book you at the top all-inclusive resort or get reservations at the hot new restaurant or club. With access to 1000s of suppliers, a travel advisor easily finds and sets up the perfect trip. Often times, because of long term good relationships with the suppliers, there are also added amenities available that are not accessible by the general public. Certainly, you can do this yourself but why not let a professional do the planning. let us sit on the phone, sort through the hotel options, and make certain your trip is exactly what you’d hoped.

Working together we ensure your time away is beyond just a vacation, it will be restorative for your mind, body and soul.

We’d love to create the perfect trip for you!

Our process is simple. Schedule a time on the calendar that works for your schedule. We’ll spend 30 minutes or so talking about your trip, who you are, and how you (and your companion(s)) like to travel. And then, we’ll head off to start planning and creating your trip.

Most travel advisors, and we are no different, now charge a small design and planning fee. You are hiring a professional and not a search engine. The old adage you get what you pay for is true for travel design as it is with anything. Yes, of course, you can find a way to do it for free. You can do all the work yourself and spend nights and weekends sorting through 100’s of websites and reviews, or you can search out a travel advisor who doesn’t charge fees. But, why risk your investment of time and resource on this once in a lifetime trip.

A travel advisor seeks to ensure your trip is memorable and only in a good way. We can help navigate the challenges of travel in the current world and step in if something isn’t working right. Let us get you to your dream!

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