Camp Denali – Refined Rustic

Camp Denali – Refined Rustic

Alaska – come see the interior

With Alaskan cruising off the table for the rest of the year, now is a good time to see what else Alaska has to offer beyond its coastlines. Camp Denali is one of the places where this other Alaska is found. Here you’ll find a truly amazing eco-resort located deep in the heart of Denali National Park. 93 mies off the paved road, Camp Denali is unique in its location, its history, and its access into Denali National Park. This eco-conscious lodge is at the top of its game and from this remote location you will find the true beauty of Alaska.  

Mt. McKinley and Wonder Lake
photo by Martha Day

The picture above I took from the ridge behind the resort on an evening hike.

Camp Denali is for those who want to really get out in nature. 

This isn’t camping. Camp Denali offers refined rustic. This is the Alaskan vacation for anyone who loves the outdoors, understands sustainability, and the difference between hiking shoes and hiking boots.

To be clear, Camp Denali is not your typical resort.  

Camp Denali from ridge
Camp Denali from ridge

There is no internet, no cell service, no TV, no spa, and no alcohol, but what you’ll find instead is extraordinary.

  • 19 hand-hewn cabins complete with handmade quilts, local art, and wood stoves which are very comfortable after a day of hiking.
  • Beautifully crafted meals with everything prepared fresh onsite, including produce from the resort’s gardens and greenhouse.
  • Hikes across the tundra, through high alpine forests, over braided rivers, and out onto glaciers. 
  • Evening programs with experts – botanists, conservationists, photographers, writers, or artists.
  • AND at the end of the day, you will find a billion stars to gaze at on a clear night. In the Fall the Aurora Borealis seems close enough to touch. 

At Camp Denali, you will see the beauty of the Alaskan interior and it is an awesome thing! 

Camp Denali is for those seeking active adventure.  


Getting to Camp Denali is a part of the journey, and will be enjoyed as thoroughly as the time at the lodge. The driver/guide will point out when you come upon grizzlies, moose, caribou, sheep, or any number of others unexpected encounters. Keeping a tick mark for every animal you see on your way in is only the beginning of jotting down all you’ll experience.

Video is by Incredible Travel from YouTube and captures the Fall season (August).
The the rich colors are exactly what you see in person.

This version of Alaska requires good (broken in) hiking boots, a fleece, a wind jacket, wind pants, gloves, a scarf, a good day pack, binoculars, and a camera.  You’ll get up early for breakfast, and then pack and carry your own lunch on your daily hike of varying difficulty.

Guests get up close to all that the Alaskan interior has to offer.

Your days will be spent hiking along ridges or across braided river streams. You will get up-close to this sub-arctic wonderland. The evenings, following an inspired beautifully crafted dinner, will be enjoyed with an evening presentation.

At the end of the day, you’ll retire to your private cabin. Sit on the porch to watch the sunset across Denali, turning shades of pink and coral and reds, and stay there while the stars come out to shine like you’ve never seen before.  

Did I mention it’s my favorite place?  There is no place like Camp Denali. the Cole’s/Hamm’s have continued in the tradition begun the Jenny and Celia back in the 50s. Come be a part of Alaskan history.

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Camp Denali is a highly popular lodge with high return rates. Get a reservation now!

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