Should you hire a Travel Advisor?

Should you hire a Travel Advisor?

Travel used to be pretty simple – go online, book a trip, and it’s done, a travel advisor was a middle man in a simple process.

But now, not so much.

With the constant changes to regulations, entry and exit testing requirements, and supplier policies, travel has gotten complicated. A travel advisor is now your best advocate before, during, and after your trip. Traveling without one is a risky move – it’s good to have a professional help navigate todays travel challenges.

Certainly it can be hard to figure out what a travel advisor does and what the value is in hiring one?

So here’s what a professional advisor does

Planning travel map
We take give you back your limited time and we take on the task of ensuring your trip is maximized both in experience and in value. Your dreams are what we use to create a truly memorable vacation.

The guesswork is removed from your travel! No more hours reading reviews and trying to figure out what they actually mean. 

And most important, we listen to you to hear what you want, how you travel, and what really excites you about your destination. We make it as simple as we can for you to get away on a trip that’s assured to be great. 

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The right destination, the right property, the right experiences, and itinerary pace — it all comes down to how you want to vacation.

Travel Advisors specialize in different types of travel. Working with the right specialist means your trip is even more customized to your dreams. You want to work with a luxury cruise specialist for that luxury cruise. You’re investing in yourself and you want to work with someone who will create your trip with that in mind.

When you work with a travel advisor, they make sure you get a great value for your investment of time and money.

fly hiking

We aren’t google, trip advisor, or the internet. We’re better! 

Travel Advisors are:

  • the folks who knows the general manager at that boutique beach property you’ve been drooling over
  • the person who can get you into that corner suite with the amazing view
  • the guy with the connection who can arrange that private wine tasting at your favorite winery

A good travel advisor has ongoing and growing relationships with the suppliers. They talk to them often, attend live trainings, and work to keep the connection strong. This means a good travel advisor can pick up the phone and connect to someone who cares when there is a problem and will work towards a solution. Connection is key.

Let a travel advisor make magic for you!

-> Need quiet time with a masterpiece?

-> Looking to sail a boat on the Adriatic?

-> Want to explore cities you’ve been dreaming of visiting since college?

-> Craving to ….

A good travel advisor can do all this, and so much more!

Let’s talk travel!

Opal&Finch specializes in all types of luxury travel – from resort to expedition. For all itineraries, we work with the top luxury suppliers around the world. We have a strong connection with Virtuoso, the top global luxury consortium, that ensures our clients receive exclusive amenities and little extras to make every trip a Wow!

We are connected to the world and use our connections to elevate your trip to a higher level!

It’s our delight to create moments that inspire.

Want to start a conversation about travel? Want clarity on your thoughts?

->  Tell me about your travel dream  👈

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I look forward to talking with you about your next trip. I’d love to use my knowledge and expertise to make it a spectacular trip you’ll remember for years to come!

| Without a doubt, travel is essential for our well-being and living a fully balanced life. |


When you choose Opal&Finch to plan your travel, you’re hiring a professional travel consultant!

You get the benefit of our skill, experience, training, professional relationships, and industry connections.

Opal&Finch is a concierge key to key travel service. Our consulting services include research and design, booking, ticketing, destination services, tours, experiences, travel documents, and more.

Opal&Finch exists to inspire connections through travel with the world. Each journey is designed to fully immerse you in your destination and inspire that connection within you.
My hope is that you return home rested, refreshed, and ready for an invigorated life!

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