🌳Happy Earth Day! 🌏

🌳Happy Earth Day! 🌏

Today we celebrate the earth, this beautiful planet we share, and I think we can all agree it’s pretty amazing.

How can you support the earth today?

  • Volunteer yourself and go pick up trash in your community for an hour or two
  • Consider your garbage volume and find ways to use less plastic
  • Turn off the extra lights throughout your house
  • Donate money to a reputable foundation that supports ecological improvement
  • Book a trip to someplace that needs you to show up physically and financially.

I realize the last one might seem the odd one out. We must remember that not all the world can afford to do things in the best most sustainable way. Taking our finances to these countries helps them move the needle in the right direction, particularly by supporting companies investing in the local eco-infrastructure.

Explore the earth. By choosing to travel we can bring change to the world not just economically but ecologically too.

Travel supports the rebuilding of communities suffering from global events be it pandemics, famines, wars, or natural disasters. Culture, economy, and ecology are interwoven. We must come to a better understanding of their best connection to make wiser choices about the future.

Some Earth Friendly Articles to celebrate the work

Costa Rica hanging bridges
Costa Rica hanging bridges

How Sustainability Became the Biggest Travel Trend

As told to Justin Paul December 10, 2019

Costas Christ on how sustainable travel has moved from nature-focused to nurturing us all.

Sustainability is undeniably one of the most, if not the most, important transformations happening in travel today. Decades ago, conversations about “sustainable tourism” revolved almost entirely around nature-based travel – primarily African safari lodges and camps, along with a handful of small tour operators. From there, it spread to the Americas, in particular, Costa Rica and Belize.

Add These Sustainability Documentaries to Your Watch List

Compiled by The Editors of Virtuoso April 1, 2020

Boost your global citizenship cred and learn about saving the planet with these six sustainability documentaries.

We’ve developed a strong relationship with our online streaming services lately. While there’s nothing wrong with diving into a little Tiger King and Ozark (guilty as charged), it’s worth noting that these platforms are full of knowledgeable, eye-opening, and inspiring sustainability content as well. We asked a few of our travel-industry friends to recommend their favorite sustainability documentaries  – here’s what they love about each, how they relate to sustainable tourism, and where you can stream them.

Zodiac of people near wall of antarctic ice
Antartica in a Zodiac

Grand Cayman - insure that trip!
Grand Cayman with the rays

Sustainability Report: 12 Travel Companies Making a Difference

from March 2020 Virtuoso Life

Eat local, cruise smarter, and more…

Traveling sustainably means protecting the environment, connecting with culture in a meaningful way, and supporting the local economy wherever you go. In every issue of Virtuoso Life, is spotlighted the various ways destinations, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators are upholding these sustainable travel tenets. Here, from our March issue, a look at 12 destinations and travel companies making it easier for globetrotters to travel for good on their next getaway. Keep these ideas on your wish list:

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Opal&Finch is a proud member of the Virtuoso Sustainability Community. A community that supports suppliers actively engaged in finding ongoing global solutions for more sustainable travel.

💫When you work with Opal&Finch to design your dream trip, you can know we will look first to our Virtuoso partners who hold this sustainable value.

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Inspiring Connections Through Travel

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