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Travel Documents

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Are your travel documents up to date?

The world is beginning to open and it’s time to make sure your documents are in order.   Please don’t let an expired passport be the reason you can’t go on a badly needed trip.

Go find your whole family’s passports and check the expiration dates of those documents!

  • Remember many countries require passport validity to be 6 months BEYOND your dates of travel in order to guarantee entry.
  • Keep in mind many countries require multiple consecutive pages be blank
  • Wait times for passport renewals are very long these days and getting longer.  If you are considering any kind of travel between now and the start of 2022 – it’s time to get that passport renewed.

Normal document renewals are currently taking over 3 months and even the expedited options are averaging 6 weeks (+ the expense of expediting)

Click here to access the State Department’s passport processing site

Click  here if you need assistance with expediting your passport renewals. CIBT is a top partner who specializes in exactly this type of service. They also do visa’s, made my Russian visa process super easy.

Apply and get Global Entry in place for your entire family

Rather than waiting in the passport control line for hours, with Global Entry you are expedited through the customs process. Enjoy your return home with the process being short and hassle free.  Global entry has helped me twice catch connecting flights

What’s the difference between TSA Pre-check and Global Entry?

  • TSA Pre-check only applies to airports and domestic flying and has nothing to do with customs and immigration
  • Global Entry automatically includes TSA Pre-Check, TSA Pre-check does NOT include Global Entry
  • Here’s the link to the application and process explanation

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