It’s magic! White sand on a turquoise blue sea…

It’s magic! White sand on a turquoise blue sea…

Caribbean Sea, white sand beach
The glorious Caribbean

white sand + turquoise waters = the perfect vaca

~ add some pretty little drinks with adorable hats and steel drums on the breeze ~

Ahhh…. I love a good beach vacation. So relaxing. It always seems some magic happens at the beach, hours are added to lengthen the days, while I lay in the sun without any cares.   Dreams of white sand in Aruba, Hawaii, Thailand, Bali, Fiji, Maldives, Turks & Caicos, Seychelles, float through my head on this rainy Memorial Day. So much sand to see, so little time, and currently there is no way to get to these beaches other than in my dreams.   

So I’ll dream until I get back to that warm sand between my toes. Because while we wait we can still DREAM. Dreaming hasn’t been curtailed or locked down. Let’s look at pictures and remember those moments, retell favorite stories, and then get excited about the future.

White sand of Cariblue Beach, Body Holiday St. Lucia  photo by M. Day
Cariblue Beach, Body Holiday St. Lucia photo by M. Day

Where’s your white sand fix? 

Can you name your perfect beach?  What makes it “the” beach?  Do you have a few in the running for the top spot? I’d love to know why they are special – if you care to share put it in the comments below.  

For me, a good beach has at least one of three attributes. 

First, it’s about the sand.  I like sand that’s powdery.  The kind of sand that is light and fluffy and dusts off easily when dry but packs slightly when treading across its face.  Sand that gets warm but not ridiculously hot.  St. Lucia. Curacao. Phi Phi Islands. Waimonola Bay. Mayakoba.

White sands, clear waters of Phi Phi islands, Thailand
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Second, it’s about the water temperature.   I want to walk in without any thoughts of “oh, that’s got a chill to it”.  Walkout, dive in.  And I like to swim at night so the temperature can’t be reliant on the sun shining.  Florida Keyes. St Lucia. Phuket. Sentosa Singapore.  

White sands of Sugar Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Sugar Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Third, I expect it to be nice walking sand for those long morning strolls as the sun rises and the day begins.  Think Sugar Beach. Folly Beach. Procchio Beach. 

Desperate for the beach?

Paris Beach along the Seine
A little bit of the South in downtown Paris

Take inspiration from the Parisians. You can make a beach party anywhere!!

In July,  along the Seine, and a few other places across this fair city, sand is hauled in, umbrellas and beach chairs set up, and voila the south of France arrives for a few weeks in the city.

C’est formidable.  

So if you can’t make it to the beach this year? Create a version of this in your backyard or on your deck in 6 easy steps:

  1. Buy a small plastic pool (I like the blow-up rings rather than the rigid sides)  
  2. Add sand 
  3. Place front legs of a lawn chair in the sand so your toes can wiggle 
  4. Put on some beach music –maybe ocean waves with some steel drums 
  5. Grab a beverage of choice
  6. Take a seat in your chair, tip your face to the sky, let your mind float away…
Feet in the sand
Your feet miss the white sand

Give us a call and let’s talk about your dreams. Where’s that beach you need to be as soon as you can

I once worked with a gal who had filled her bottom desk drawer with sand and any time she was on a long phone call she would open the drawer, kick off her shoes, and put her feet in the sand… a bit odd but it made me smile every time.  

We’ll get back to traveling soon, but for now, let’s dream.

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