Let’s Insure your travel in 2021

Let’s Insure your travel in 2021

Where are you thinking about going? I absolutely recommend going, but insure it!

Travel Insurance. Talking about the need to insure travel has to be, without a doubt, one of my biggest challenges as a Travel Professional. No matter how extravagant or low-budget your trip may be, there are many things outside of your control that could change your dream vacation into a nightmare faster than you can say “snowmageddon”. For years I was the person who was going to go on my trip NO MATTER WHAT! It didn’t seem like I needed to spend $79- $129-$249 (whatever the premium) to the cost of trip for travel insurance.  I was young, healthy, and invincible. I’ve changed my ways and don’t travel without a policy in place. Why? I now know of so many situations over the years that have affected travel plans. My eyes are definitely now opened to the need for a good travel insurance policy.  

When bad things happen on good vacations….

Every time I talk about the need to insure travel, without fail I hear a story that makes me shudder. I was recently chatting with a friend about travel and she shared with me just such a trip experience.  A few years back, a fellow traveler on her dive trip ran into some health issues and was medivac’d out of Belize.   Then there is a friend and her family of 5 who were flying home from a Safari. They missed the tight connection in London and had to stay at an expensive airport hotel, including having to purchase diner and breakfast.  I can’t image the added stress to both of these trips in the midst of a high stress moment.

Then there’s my friend who fell and fractured her foot. Because she had travel insurance, she received the care she needed in country, a sweet boot for her foot, and finished her trip.  I like this story!

So, you’re not elderly…you’re healthy… you’ve already confirmed with your boss three times that you can have the time off… nothing is going to keep you from going on your vacation and nothing is going to go wrong while you are there… right? 

Consider these possibilities:

  • One of your parents falls and injures themself and needs you to be their caregiver
  • One of your adult children falls ill or needs surgery and has nobody to watch the grandchildren… they need grandma!  
  • Your flights to Miami get delayed or cancelled due to the new snowstorm. Now you’ll miss the Caribbean cruise you have been planning all year.  The ship has the nerve to sail without you!  
  • Two days before your Italy tour, your boss announces he/she is cancelling all vacation until the current project is complete.
  • The volcano in Iceland erupts again, spews ash into the sky and all Transatlantic flights are cancelled for 3 days. Stuck in Paris for an extra few day where the average hotel room costs $400 per night you miss an important sales call back at work that costs your company a huge contract…

And the list goes on… Travel insurance covers more than just flights and baggage.  Your travel insurance policy can protect your financial investment in your dream vacation. If something unexpected happens, you can insure your investment is used to travel again how you want.   Your peace of mind and financial well-being are well worth the investment. 

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